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Board of Studies Key Terms

Board of Studies Key Terms

Account: State reasons for, or report on. To give an account of also means to narrate a series of events or transactions.

Analyse: Identify components and the relationship between them; draw out and relate implications.

Apply: Use, utilise, employ in a particular situation.

Appreciate: Make a judgement about the value of.

Assess: Make a judgement of value, quality, outcomes, results or size.

Calculate: Ascertain/determine from given facts, figures or information.

Classify: Arrange or include in classes/categories.

Compare: Show how things are similar or different.

Construct: Make; build; put together items or arguments.

Contrast: Show how things are different or opposite.

Critically (analyse/evaluate): Add a degree or level of accuracy, depth, knowledge and understanding, logic, questioning, reflection and quality to your analysis / evaluation.

Deduce: Draw conclusions.

Define: State meaning and identify essential qualities.

Demonstrate: Show by example.

Describe: Provide characteristics and features.

Discuss: Identify issues and provide points for and/or against.

Distinguish: Recognise or note/indicate as being distinct or different from; to note differences between things.

Evaluate: Make a judgement based on criteria; determine the value of.

Examine: Question or inquire into thoroughly.

Explain: Relate cause and effect; make the relationships between things evident; provide an explanation of why and/or how.

Extract: Choose relevant and/or appropriate details.

Extrapolate: Infer from what is known.

Identify: Recognise and name.

Interpret: Draw meaning from.

Investigate: Plan, inquire into and draw conclusions about.

Justify: Support an argument or conclusion.

Outline: Sketch in general terms; indicate the main features of.

Predict: Suggest what may happen based on available information.

Propose: Put forward (for example a point of view, idea, argument, or suggestion) for consideration or action.

Recall: Present remembered ideas, facts or experiences.

Recommend: Provide reasons in favour of.

Recount: Retell a series of events.

Summarise: Express, concisely, the relevant details.

Synthesise: Putting together various elements to make a whole.