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TAS Stage 6

Stage 6 Courses in TAS (Year 11 and Year 12)

This is where we introduce VET to our course offerings. VET means Vocational Education and Training. The courses we offer include:-

* Food and beverage

* Construction

Both courses offer students the opportunity to do work placement. This is normally for 40 hours in Year 11 and Year 12. Students are placed into a workplace in our local community and they learn valuable on-the-job training skills. Students do not go on work placement until their teacher has determined whether they are work place ready.

Our Construction students complete a White Card before going on work placement. This qualification is an absolute must have.

Our Food and Beverage students cater for many school functions and also operate Café Cumberland. Simple café quality foods are prepared. A variety of skills including coffee making are explicitly taught.

VET is fabulous and is very popular with our students.

The faculty also continues to teach stage 6 Food Technology and Industrial Technology subjects. Many students continue to study from stage 5 to stage 6 and we also welcome students who haven’t studied stage 5 courses into our courses as well.

At present we have Industrial Technology - Multimedia and Timber and Furnishing Products. Both of these courses have a major project to complete in the Year 12 course. This is externally marked. Students begin work on their major project when they begin their HSC course in term 4 of each year.

Many of the faculty teachers do HSC marking each year. This has enabled the faculty to allocate highly experienced teachers to courses. Information and Digital Technology Framework course

Minimum work placement requirement

Information and Digital Technology
(120 indicative hours)

35 hours

Information and Digital Technology
(240 indicative hours)

70 hours