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TAS Stage 4


Stage 4

By the end of Stage 4, students explore problems and opportunities considering functional, economic, environmental, social, technical and/or usability constraints. They investigate, select, justify and safely use a range of tools, materials, components, equipment and processes to develop, test and communicate design ideas using appropriate technical terms and technologies. Students plan, manage and evaluate the production of design solutions. They develop thinking skills to communicate the development of digital and non-digital solutions.

Students investigate how managed systems are used to sustainably produce food and fibre. They explain food selection and preparation, food safety, and make informed and healthy food choices. Students collect and interpret data from a range of sources to assist in making informed judgements. They explain how data is represented in digital systems, and transmitted and secured in networks.

Students explain how force, motion and energy can be used in systems, machines and structures. They investigate characteristics and properties of a range of materials, develop skills and techniques in the use of a broad range of tools and safely apply them in the production of projects.

Students are responsible users of technology, capable of designing and producing solutions to identified needs or opportunities. They develop an appreciation of the contribution of technologies on their lives now and the impact of innovations for creating preferred futures. They develop an appreciation of the dynamic nature of design and production processes and how thinking skills are used to develop solutions to personal, social and global issues.

Content structure for Technology Mandatory Years 7–8

The Technology Mandatory Years 7–8 syllabus outcomes are presented as:

·         Skills

·         Knowledge and Understanding