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The Learning Centre

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a dedicated learning space for Year 12 students where they can strive to develop and achieve their individual academic potential. The Learning Centre was relocated into the new Library block from its original home in ‘C’ block midway through 2020. The Learning Centre has outstanding access to technological resources, with both Laptops and dual screen Desktops available for students use at all times, as well as student access to a range of online educational platforms.

The Learning Centre has the capacity to seat 87 students comfortably at any one time, with the ability to expand this seating capacity when necessary. The Learning Centre is open for student use from 8.30am each morning, and is open every Period, Recess and Lunch break throughout every school day. The Learning Centre remains open for student use on all Year 12 timetabled days off and early leave days, as well as throughout all exam periods; including both the Trial Higher School Certificate examinations and the Higher School Certificate examination itself.

The Learning Centre has a wide range of resources which the students can access. Along with the technology-based resources, there are more than 17,000 Study Cards and 200 different Summary Booklets for students to use, covering more than 30 different subject areas. We have a variety of the latest NESA resources available for Year 12 on hand, as well as a range of Summary Books from the leading commercial publishers for our students to use. Students also have access to numerous syllabus-based activities, comprehension question booklets and past HSC and Trial HSC examination papers in all subject areas.

The Learning Centre has at its centre a work-oriented philosophy and culture which targets the development of the individual student’s academic needs. Whether it is through the establishment of personalised learning plans and individual study timetables; through the improvement in the structure of student responses, or through the teaching of various methods of study suitable to each individual, the focus is for our students to achieve their best possible results in their classwork, homework, assessment tasks and examinations.